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Why Compostable and Renewable Resources

As the human population z grows, burning, burying, and washing away unwanted refuse is no longer an acceptable behavior, since it is already making adverse changes to our collective home, the Earth.

Plastic, paper and glass recycling was a good start towards the solution to save energy and trees, and remove toxins and waste from our landfills, but even with today’s sophisticated recycling infrastructure we recover less than 7 percent of the plastic that is produced. (According to the EPA document, “Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal in the United States: Facts and Figures for 2006")

We believes it’s time to take the next step by using products made from renewable, plant-based resources, that are petroleum free, non-toxic and require less energy to produce. Compostable products, in the right conditions, turn back to soil in a short period of time.

Made From Renewable Resources

  • Vegetable starch and sugarcane are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and tree paper.
    • Mature every season
    • 100% compostable
    • Petroleum free, non-toxic
    • Breaks down in 45-120 days under certain conditions (heat, moisture & movement)
  • In one year our products made from renewable resources save:
    • 742,414 gallons of gasoline - enough to drive around the earth 673 times
    • 13,478,914 pounds of greenhouse gases
    • 8,629,476 kW hours of energy - enough to power the average American household for 810 years

Designed To Be Compostable

Since the products are disposable, Eco-Products does not add any toxic or unnatural materials to ensure that the inherent compostability remains. When disposed of properly in a composting facility, the products have a beneficial impact on the environment.
  • Breaks down in short time periods (generally 45-120 days) under certain conditions (heat, moisture & movement)
  • Diverts material from landfills to become rich soil and part of a sustainable cycle of production
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