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Green Products Make a Difference

Waste Diversion

Conventional products made from petroleum can sometimes be recycled, but most of them end up going to a landfill. Because landfills are specifically designed to NOT allow waste to break down, everything that goes to a landfill will take thousands of years to decompose.

We help the environment by using renewable resources that greatly reduce the amount of waste going to landfills by creating compostable products.

According to a study done by Penn State University, 34 percent of landfill waste is composted organic material and 33 percent is paper, totaling 67 percent which can be easily composted and diverted.

Mind-set Change for Success

We wish to change the common mind-set:

  • Most plastics are made from oil and most is foreign oil
  • Alternatives other than making materials from petroleum exist
  • U.S. grown corn can be used, reducing dependence on foreign oils and assisting the U.S. farming industry
  • A sustainable long term strategy involves disposables made from renewable resources, using a variety of plant starches
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