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PLA Biopolymer - The Good "Plastic"

100 percent compostable alternative to plastic disposables, PLA (polylactic acid, or biopolymer), is a vegetable-based product produced by NatureWorks®. These items are the perfect choice to minimize a business's or household’s impact on the environment.

Advantages of PLA disposables:

  • Made from U.S. grown corn, an annually renewable resource and an environmentally friendly option over petroleum
  • Disposed of in a commercial composting facility, many PLA items return to the earth in 45 - 60 days
  • Supports green initiatives while adhering to use-it-and-toss-it mentality
  • Same look and feel as clear PET (petroleum-based) plastic
  • Odorless and completely non-allergenic

From Corn to PLA

Natural organisms are used in the process to convert corn starch into a biopolymer that can be used in the same manner as petroleum-based polymers but result in compostable, disposable products.

How does it compost?

Over time, in a commercial composting environment at about 140 degrees F. and 90 percent humidity, PLA disposables simply break down to compost.

For more information, please read NatureWorks Using NIR Sorting to Recycle PLA Bottles.

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